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    Rush Electrical Service has been serving the Orange County, California, and surrounding areas for years already. Our knowledge, experience, and ability as an electrical service provider to attend all residential and commercial electrical service needs and the expertise to provide exceptional work is beyond comparison.

    Together with our dedicated staff and proficient Orange County electrician, we are expertly positioned to work for all your electrical needs. From the beginning, until we finish our job, it is our goal to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority here at Rush Electrical Service. So rest assured that we will not be fulfilled and satisfied with our services until you do.

    Superior Quality and Excellent Professionals at Rush Electrical Service

    Rush Electrical Service believes that a quality job begins with quality people, so we employ only highly trained and skilled professionals in the team. Our electrical contractors aims to provide the highest quality of service along with our professionalism, promptness, and enthusiasm.

    Our professional Orange County electrician in the electrical field is your guarantee that our work is completed on time, with uncompromising, durability, and longevity quality solutions. We install, service, and repair electrical systems, fixtures, and control equipment such as outlets, lighting switches, and electrical panels. When you have an electric vehicle, we also install an EV charger for your home or offices. 

    We provide you with a full discussion to explain your available options to meet your needs so that you can choose the extent of work that is right for your home or business that is within your budget. 

    Our Services

    Wiring Repair

    Electrical Rewiring Services

    Electrical Panel Installation

    Fire Alarm Services

    Outlet Installation

    Lighting Installation

    EV Charger Installation

    Rush Electrical Service
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