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    Rush Electrical Service is a full-service electrical contracting firm that offers a wide range of electrical services, which include repair, installation, or maintenance of fire alarm services. Our team of electricians, backed by years of experience and extensive training in electrical work, is confident that we can perform all the necessary tasks needed.

    Fire alarm or detection system is very important in every household and businesses, ensuring that the family or staff members will be alerted in case of fire occurrence. That’s why having someone that has experience in fire alarm services is beneficial as it helps to make the fire alarm or detection system function efficiently and will automatically alert people in case of emergency.

    Benefits Of Fire Alarm System

    • 24 hours and seven days a week monitoring
    • Early fire detection
    • Reduce the risk of residential or commercial fire damage
    • Easy & Affordable
    • It requires a low maintenance
    • Optional placement
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    At Rush Electrical Service, we are capable of installing, repairing, or maintaining your fire alarm system. We provide licensed, bonded, and insured electricians, ensuring that whatever electrical requirements you need like fire alarm services, outlet installation services, we will get it covered. Our team is confident that no matter how large or small the works are, you can expect us to deliver quality results and better electrical solutions.

    To learn more about Rush Electrical Service and to know how we can help, feel free to contact our customer service today (844) 380-8650!

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