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At Rush Electrical Service, we have been offering a full range of both residential and commercial services throughout the Beverly Hills area for years. No matter the size of your electrical project may be, we will attend and provide the best solution for all your needs.

Our electricians can handle any of your home’s electrical needs and complete them safely, promptly, and efficiently. It is something we have been doing for years and for the years to come. We take pride in our customer service, advanced level of skills, and our ability to efficiently resolve your electrical problems. We ensure to go above and beyond to meet all your expectations and complete satisfaction with our service works.

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Call an electrician in Beverly Hills

Hang a chandelier, lights, sconces
Assembling chandeliers
Mounting overhead power outlets
Mounting interior sockets
Power socket mounting
Mounting socket block
Doorbell mounting
Installing the junction box
Wiring diagram
Intercom installation
Installing video intercom
Installation and replacement of fuse boxes, RCDs, DIFs
Manufacture and installation of ground loop

Connecting household appliances
Hood connection
Connecting the stove
Connecting the cooktop
Connecting the washing machine
Connecting the oven
Connecting the Water Heater
Dishwasher connection
Air conditioner installation

Replacing wiring in the apartment:

Replacing the wiring in a one room apartment
Replacing the wiring in a two-room apartment
Replacing wiring without drilling

Short circuit elimination:
inspection of electrical wiring (hidden, open);
Determining the specific location of the fault;
Installing the cause and responding to the disconnecting device;
Examination of the fault and the current leakage;
Locating the place of breakage of electric wires;
troubleshooting, ensuring efficient operation of electrical equipment.

Services for the installation of electrical turnkey:
coordination with the owner and drawing up a plan-scheme of the location of electrical equipment in the apartment, calculation of the load on the power grid in the room;
Dismantling of the old wiring;
drilling walls, drilling landing places for slots, recesses for electrical panels, socket blocks;
fixing plug sockets, assembling and mounting electric boards;
installing protective automatics, meters;
laying of cables, wires in stub lines, termination of contacts to places of power consumption;
floor heating, installation of temperature regulators, sensors, controls;
installation of low current networks;
fixing of lighting fixtures, installation of household appliances;
installation of fittings, switches and sockets.

Installation of protective grounding :
Installation (mounting) of a vertical grounding device made of angle steel
Installation of a round steel grounding device
Installation of a horizontal grounding device from steel
Installation of electrical wiring concealed
Installation of electrical wiring by open method
Grounding fabrication and laying
Punching of grounding switches
Measuring the loop resistance
Grounding installation according to the standard project: grounding rod, coating against rust, coupling, starting lug, conductive grease, clamp

Why Choose Rush Electrical Service?

A dependable electrical system is crucial to every home. Here at Rush Electrical Service, we are dedicated to ensuring you get prompt, efficient, and professional electrical service at a fair and reasonable price. Rest assured that our experienced, courteous, and certified electricians will provide quality electrical services you expect and deserve. We have you covered for:

  • Electrical Rewiring Services
  • Wiring Repair
  • Outlet Installation
  • Fire Alarm Services
  • Lighting Installation
  • EV charger installation
  • Electrical Panel Installation

Trust Only the Experts at Rush Electrical Service

We specialize in both commercial and residential electrical services. Licensed in Beverly Hills, our licensed electricians have vast years of experience, providing comprehensive electrical knowledge and expertise in their field of work. We have served thousands of customers since we started our company. 

So whenever you are looking for the most reliable, efficient, and affordable electrical services, Rush Electrical Service is the right one to call. Call us today!

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Mike M.
They’re the best people to work with. A professional electrician came out so early and quickly helped me out with my first alert smoke detectors installation needs. Everything that I requested to do was performed excellently. He’s also knowledgeable about safety standards. So happy with the quality of his work. It impressed me so much. We will be calling you again if we need your services in the future.
Helen R.
Clear explanation and effective repair at a very fair price! I am very satisfied with the services that this company delivered to my house since my panel switch needs replacement. The electrician is incredibly friendly, reliable, and considerate. All the tools and other pieces of stuff were put back nicely and cleanly after replacing my panel switch. The electrician also showed a high degree of professionalism. I am happy with his work!
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