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    There is a wide variety of electric vehicles charging stations available for installation to fit your needs. The two basic models of electric vehicles are freestanding units, which resemble metal posts, and wall-mounted units. You must have experienced professionals EV charger installation, so it will be hooked into your local power grid correctly, and provide the power levels you need at the charging speed you want. It is also important that the professional installers provide proper ground fault protection that will meet all electrical code and fire safety standards for your protection and security.

    Whatever your specific needs for your electronic vehicle charging station installation is, give the electricians at Rush Electrical Service a call today! We will find the right and dependable charging station for your electronic vehicles.

    Why Need an EV Charger Station?

    Although you can charge your electric vehicle with your standard outlet, this can be remarkably and irritatingly slow, taking more than 12 hours for it to fully charge. However, with an electric charging station, you can have a full-cycle charge within 4 to 8 hours, an easy overnight charging time.

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    But whether your car runs on a battery or contains a hybrid of rechargeable battery and gas engine with a plug, you need to have a charging station at your home to provide it with power. Some workplaces have started to provide charging stations for their employees at their parking lots. When it comes to your electric car charger installation, calling Rush Electrical Service is the best choice! Our electricians will install one at your home efficiently and promptly. 

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    The professional electricians at Rush Electrical Service install and service vehicle charging stations for homes and businesses around the area. If your charging station has wiring problems, we also provide wiring repair service. Call us to find out more!

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