Home Electrical Safety Tips You Should Know

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Electrical safety involving outlets, plugs, and extension cords should never be forgotten or overlooked by every homeowner. Every year, the fire department responds to fires mostly due to an electrical malfunction. But there are measures that you can take to help prevent electrical fires and damage to your home or properties. The following are some of the most common home safety tips to consider, especially when using electrical outlets, electrical cords, and extension cords:

Outlet Safety Tips

Homeowners should consider upgrading their wiring system to accept a three-wire outlet. Especially when old outlets have been replaced, which may be cracked, damaged, or in other circumstances.

  • Turn off appliances before unplugging them can help avoid “hot unplug” that can create a fire hazard.
  • Install tamper-resistant receptacles in the outlets where children are mostly present.
  • When plugging appliances into a receptacle outlet, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.
  • Only one high-wattage and one heat-producing appliance should be plugged at a single time.
  • To help protect against shock hazards, install ground-fault circuit interrupters in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, basement, and other places in your home where electrical equipment is near water.
  • To help prevent fires, have a qualified electrician, and request to install an arc-fault circuit interrupter. It can help protect your home or properties against fires that result from home wiring problems, such as arcing and sparking.

Power and Extension Cord Safety Tips

Be aware of the fire risk from damaged power cords. Consider asking your electrician to add more circuits or outlets so you don’t have to use extension cords anymore.

  • Replace or repair damaged electrical cords, as they increase the risk of electrical shock that can lead to a fire.
  • Do not use extension cords with your major appliances.
  • Do not run extension cords under your carpets.

Other Home-Care Safety Tips

  • Never place anything under your lamp or other heat-producing appliances that can easily burn.
  • Always use light bulbs with the correct wattage to prevent overheating.
Signs You Need to Make the Right Call to a Reliable Electrician
  • The outlets and switches are hot to touch.
  • Frequently tripped fuses
  • Burning-smell coming from appliances
  • Dimming, flickering, or regularly burn out lights
  • Sparks from appliances

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