Electrical Systems That Needs to Inspection When Buying a New Home


If someone purchases a new home, they typically test the property for potential damage. Other than inspecting the roof and septic tank, it is also necessary to look at the electrical systems of the place. Electrical systems can be costly to diagnose and fix, so you need to ensure that your new home is in good shape before you sign the papers.

What Are the Electrical Systems That You Should Examine?

Ideally, you should hire a certified and professional electrician or a home inspector to go through the area or property before you purchase it. The home inspector should be licensed, honest, and committed to handle the given task. By hiring a knowledgeable and independent inspector, you can be sure and confident that they will work for only you and have the right incentives. Throughout the inspection, your home inspector will look at the following things.

Electrical Panels

Do you have an idea that old electrical panels are often small or undersized? If you are planning to use modern appliances, you will need a large electrical panel. Also, you have to inspect the electrical panel’s brand because some brands have documented issues.

Wiring Methods

If you are purchasing an old home or apartment, it may come with aluminum wiring. In the 1960s and 1970s, this type of wiring was so popular in most countries. However, this kind of wiring (aluminum wiring) can cause overheating, burned insulation, warm cover plates, and flickering lights.

If your house was constructed between the 1930s and 1950s, it may use knob-and-tube wiring. This wiring is not suitable for advanced and modern electrical requirements. Ideally, you desire to have a home that uses copper conductors instead.

Outlets and GFCI Protection

Exterior outlets should have a ground fault circuit interrupter or most well-known as GFCI. It can help you monitor the flow of electricity. Is your current overload or has some interruptions? This protection device (GFCI) will automatically stop the flow of electricity.


Unluckily, some homeowners do repairs and renovations without getting the proper and required permits. In some instances, the government will make you undo the renovations if the former homeowner did not get the required permit. If that is the case, you will end up paying a fine. That’s why it is necessary to make sure the property has all of its correct permits and paperwork in order.

When Should Be the Right Time to Inspect Your Electrical Systems?

If you are getting a new home, you must check it before you sign the final papers. Once you are done and have completed the purchase, for sure, you are stuck with any electrical issues. So, you should get a full-range electrical inspection for sure in the following situations.

  • Inspecting your electrical system is necessary after any major renovations.
  • Inspection should be done after 40 years of buying the house.
  • You need a thorough inspection after you add an appliance to your home.
  • You should always get an inspection before you get a new home or apartment.

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